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Hamburg... and research

Hamburg is not only an important port city and media capital in Europe, it is also a centre of scientific research and teaching. Nearly 70,000 students (including 10,000 foreign students) and about 1,000 scientists are distributed among 17 colleges in the city.Unique in Europe: the “Hafen City University”, specialized in architecture and urban development.

Hamburg also has a high profile in the area of advanced and basic research: first and foremost is the electron synchrotron - one of the largest particle accelerators in the world.

For the last quarter century Hamburg has also offered a renowned training ground in performance. Throughout Germany, the Stage School is known as the largest academy of its kind.

In the medical sector, Hamburg has several outstanding institutions, including the University Hospital Hamburg Eppendorf.  There is also the Bernhardt Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine, which has been active since 1900 and now has about 400 employees focussed on issues surrounding the spread and control of tropical diseases, headquartered in Hamburg and Ghana.