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Milestones of the past:

The German Air Rescue (DRF) took care of the return flights of German travellers in need of intense medical support and transportation. The application area is growing in the east and south. The Atlantic could now be crossed by aircraft with at least three engines. 

Some 20 years ago the Hamburg airport company followed our suggestions: business flights got their own General Aviation Terminal (GAT). Barbara visited the USA to inspect leading GA-terminals. This new data from overseas helped in the planning and implementation of the local Hamburg facilities.

The GAT in Hamburg is among the top ranking FBO destination in Europe. This high standard and challenging international competition is our daily inspiration for continual improvement.

Decades of experience and presence on site...

The Service People Team offers more than 30 years of experience and expertise in the FBO (Fixed Base Operator) branch.


Our service pledge:

  • arrive in comfort
  • a pleasant stay for guests
  • departure with ease